Latest Electrical Advice from JP Electrical en Which? Trusted Trader <p>A which? Trusted Trader only endorses tradesmen and women that have a brilliant reputation and are well trusted by customers. This ensures you can choose the best of the best to complete the jobs you need doing.  </p><p>Which? Assess traders in many different ways, they look at customer satisfaction, credit reports, business procedures, an interview with Which? And finally, a business report. Here at JP Electrical we have passed all of these advanced checks to become a which? Trusted Trader, so if you need any electrical work carried out in Huddersfield, we should be your first point of call.  </p><p>We have been recommended by 100% of our customers and have a five star rating regarding customer service, quality and value. We also have a selection of endorsed references for you to read. It’s extremely important to do lots of research before you hire anyone to complete any electrical jobs in your home. Any reputable electrician will have lots of positive reviews, be a registered competent person, NICEIC approved contractor and be on Checkatrade. JP Electrical have all of these.  </p><p>We have a range of different photos from different jobs available to view on our Which? Page. This can give you a visual idea of the high standard jobs we complete. We also have a list of our most popular services ranging from electrical repairs to underfloor heating. Here at JP Electrical we are extremely proud of the wide range of services and high standard we provide to our customers.  </p><h2>Which? Trusted Trader in Marsden</h2><p>If you’re in need of any electrical work in your property in Marsden, Huddersfield JP Electrical have a team of friendly, trustworthy, and high skilled electrician to provide the best possible workmanship. We will always leave your home clean and tidy and treat your home as if it were our own.  </p><p><a href="/contact">Give us a call today</a>. </p> Mon, 31 Oct 22 10:03:54 +0000 James 8664622f-4eee-4b9c-9908-96218a35e7d9 Smart home heating controls <h2>What is a smart home?</h2><p>A smart home essentially is a home that uses smart technology to control the electrics, heating, and lighting. An electrician will connect your existing installation to the internet. This will allow you to control everything in your home from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone.  </p><p>What could be seen as the most beneficial form of smart home technology is the heating controls. There is nothing better knowing your coming home to a warm and toasty home from a week’s long trip. Smart thermostats are the answer.  They allow you to turn on and off the heating using your mobile, calculate you and your families’ preferred temperatures, and can even detect anything in your home that could affect the temperature in your home. For example, a window that the kids left open.  </p><h2>What’s the installation process like?  </h2><p>The installation of a smart thermostat is a relatively quick and easy job. We can install smart home heating controls to most existing boiler systems. As long as you can already set the thermostat it should be possible.  If you’re not sure just give us a call and one of our experts will happily advise.  </p><h2>Energy efficiency  </h2><p>Something most people don’t realise when it comes to smart thermostats are that they can help your home become a lot more energy efficient. Having a smart thermostat allows you to have a much more accurate idea of how much energy you are using. Most smart heating systems predict you could save anywhere from 10 to 20 percent on your energy bills by using their energy saving modes. As previously mentioned most systems can detect open windows and drafts which can also help you to be using your heating more efficiently. There’s nothing worse that knowing you have had the heating on all day, but someone left a window open in the kitchen.  </p><h2>Smart home heating installer in Huddersfield</h2><p>If you’re not sure what system would best suit you and your family’s lifestyle, our electricians at JP Electrical can help. Our team of expert electricians will ask how often you’re at home, if you travel a lot and if there are rooms in your home you use more. All this information help us to select the right system that will have the most benefits for you and your family.  </p><p>Give us a call now on <a href="tel:01484212091">01484 212091</a> if you’re interested in installing smart home heating to your home this winter.  </p> Mon, 31 Oct 22 09:52:37 +0000 James 6fc0f244-dafe-4b37-b9c9-974d0225c2c7 Security Lighting Installation Huddersfield <p>A well-planned security lighting installation can not only make your home safer but can enhance its appearance too. If you need a qualified and experienced electrician to perform a security lighting installation in Huddersfield, look no further than JP Electrical. Our friendly and professional electricians will be happy to assist.</p><h2>Security Lighting Types</h2><p>A security lighting installation is an extremely effective way to protect your Huddersfield home from potential harm. There are several different kinds of security lights available, each with specific intended functions. Security lighting also comes in many forms and designs, so you need not compromise on style whilst protecting your home. Your security lighting installer will discuss which security lighting will be best for your specific needs and plan your installation accordingly.<br />• Motion Activated or PIR (passive infra-red) security lights are the most commonly used security lighting style. They work by turning on when someone triggers the sensor. This sudden, bright light is designed to shock any intruder and alert those nearby of their presence. This type of security lighting is best used near rear entrances, side paths and garages. It can also be very handy for providing a light source when you need to access those areas legitimately. As they only light for a short time, they are very cost effective.<br />• Manual security lights are operated via a switch within the building. They can be a simple porch light or a floodlight designed to light a larger area. They are best for areas that require illumination for longer periods and that are highly visible. The front entrance of a building or a car parking area are ideal for this type of lighting installation. <br />• Timer or light sensitive security lighting. These lights will switch on and off automatically at predetermined times. They are particularly effective as driveway or pathway lighting and often have a decorative effect.</p><h2>Security lighting installation</h2><p>Installing outdoor security lighting requires a high level of competency. Electricity can be dangerous especially when working outside. An outdoor security installation must be properly protected from the elements or there is an increased risk of electrical shock or fire. By choosing a qualified electrician as your security lighting installer you can be sure of a safe, high-quality result. They will possess the knowledge and skills to install your security lighting in the most effective fashion, keeping your property illuminated and protected.</p><p>JP Electrical are based in Marsden, Huddersfield. Our reliable electricians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in security lighting installation. We are NICEIC registered and fully insured so you can be sure you are in safe hands. If you would like to discuss your security lighting installation, contact our friendly team today.</p> Fri, 30 Sep 22 12:15:35 +0100 James 2a49b6d9-9480-4864-a67e-0269c7b80a9b EV Charger Installer in Marsden <p>Many EV owners in Marsden and Huddersfield are looking to have an EV charger installed to allow easy charging of their electric vehicles. An EV charger is fitted to your property by an EV Charger Installer. This will be a qualified electrician who is suitably trained and experienced in EV charger installation. JP Electrical are your local, reliable and experienced EV charger installer in Marsden.</p><h2>Where can an EV charger be installed?</h2><p>Before an installation can begin, your EV charger installer will need to ascertain whether your property is suitable for an EV charger. An EV charger installation will usually require an off-street parking area, such as a driveway or garage. Your EV charger installer will undertake a site survey to check for any potential issues. These could be metal objects including lights, that are too close to your chosen site to allow a safe installation. After determining that your home is suitable then your installer will talk you through you charger options and book your installation appointment.</p><h2>Which EV charger should I choose?</h2><p>There is a wide choice of EV chargers available to choose from. Your EV charger Installer will discuss all the options with you and help you come to a decision on which EV charger best suits your needs.<br />Some of the points to consider include:<br />• Power: You can get 3kW, 7kW and 22kW EV chargers with 7kW being the most common choice. <br />• Cable: You’ll need to decide if you want a tethered charger (with a cable) or an untethered one (without a cable). An untethered EV charger can connect to almost any car – handy if you may use your EV charger for more than one car. The downside is that you will need to keep the cable in your car. <br />• Design: This is mostly a matter of taste. You will want to select a design that fits your home and personal style.<br />• Other features: EV chargers can have a wide range of additional features, such as solar panel compatibility or smart functionality, and it is worth exploring these with your installer.</p><h2>What happens when my EV charger in installed?</h2><p>Before your EV charger installer arrives, you will need to make sure they can access the area of the installation easily. They will also need easy access to your electric meter and your fuse box or consumer unit. Upon arrival, your EV charger installer will need to switch off the power to allow safe installation. This can be for a period of 2-3 hours so make sure you are prepared for this. The charger installation will then take place. After reinstating your power, the installer will test the EV charger to ensure it is functioning safely. They will demonstrate how to use your EV charger and make sure you are confident in it’s use before they leave.</p><p>If you are based in Marsden, Huddersfield and would like to know more about EV charger installation, then JP Electrical are your local, reliable EV charger installers. Our experienced, fully qualified electricians are always happy to help. Call us today and discover how easy EV charger installation can be.<br /> </p> Fri, 30 Sep 22 12:06:51 +0100 James 25aa97e1-68d2-4ca2-8f7d-d49f78ebeab4 Underfloor Heating Installation <p>An underfloor heating installation is ideal for creating a cosy warmth throughout a room, with none of the cold spots associated with traditional, wall mounted radiators. JP Electrical are experienced underfloor heating installation electricians in Marsden, Huddersfield. If you would like to experience the comfort and warmth an underfloor heating installation can provide, call us today.</p><h2><br />The benefits of an underfloor heating installation</h2><p>Underfloor heating turns your whole floor into a radiator. This makes for a much more pleasant experience as your room will be uniformly warm. As underfloor heating has such a large surface area with which to radiate heat, it doesn’t need to operate at such a high temperature as a radiator. Using your underfloor heating in conjunction with a thermostat allows you to keep the temperature just as you like it. This will often need to be much lower than a traditional radiator requires. Dependent on the system, an underfloor heating installation can use 15-40% less energy due to the lower temperatures it operates at.<br /> </p><h2>Other benefits of an underfloor heating installation include:</h2><p>• It is an efficient system providing even heat distribution. No cold spots and no loss of heat through poor circulation.<br />• Frees up your wall space and allows you to place furniture wherever you like!<br />• Does not circulate dust and allergens as a traditional system would.<br />• Silent and discreet operation – no more rattling pipes!<br />• Warm feet – a definite benefit in our opinion.<br />• Can be installed in almost any room from bathrooms to bedrooms.<br />• Works evenly in rooms that have non-standard shapes.</p><h2>Why use an electrician to install underfloor heating<br /> </h2><p>Installing underfloor heating can be a complex task. Whilst there are DIY kits available, you will still require a qualified and registered electrician to connect them correctly and to fulfil Part P building regulations. For most people, the easiest and safest option is to have your electrician perform the full installation. They will have the tools, knowledge and experience to complete your underfloor heating installation to the highest possible standard. Using a qualified and NICEIC registered electrician means they have certain guarantees on their workmanship and will be fully insured. No one likes to consider things going wrong but it is far better to have proper protections in place. Underfloor heating is designed to operate safely in all areas of a home, including bathrooms and kitchens where water is present. It is important that your installer understands the importance of safe installation and does not compromise the integrity of the system with poor workmanship or you could be at risk of either electrical fire or shock.</p><p>If you are based in Marsden or the surrounding area, JP Electrical are your local, friendly and experienced electrician. Our fully qualified and NICEIC registered electricians have the skill and experience to perform your underfloor heating installation safely. If you would like to discuss the benefits of an underfloor heating installation, <a href="tel:01484212091">call JP Electrical</a> today. <br /> </p> Tue, 30 Aug 22 10:51:25 +0100 James 62370cea-1efb-4be5-aff1-3c6c64d49aaa Kitchen Lighting Upgrade <p>It is a room that can serve many purposes and the lighting needs to reflect these multiple uses. A kitchen lighting upgrade allows you to unlock your kitchen’s full potential. The right kitchen lighting design can provide effective lighting for all tasks. Whether it be bright, targeted light for food preparation or low-level background lighting for those late-night forays to the fridge! JP Electrical are Marsden’s local, experienced electricians. If your kitchen lighting is due for an upgrade, call us today.</p><h2>Kitchen lighting design<br /> </h2><p>A clever kitchen lighting upgrade can totally transform your kitchen. To achieve the best results, you will need to create a well thought out lighting design. You will want to consider what additional tasks you would like to perform in your kitchen and where. You may want to create an area for your kids to do their homework whilst you prepare dinner. Perhaps you would like to have a space to sit and relax with a coffee? Each task requires different lighting and a kitchen lighting upgrade gives you the opportunity to create a truly bespoke design that works for you. <br />Effective lighting design is all about layering. Layering allows you to customise your lighting to both the task at hand and the background level of illumination. The different layers of lighting are:<br /> </p><h2>Ambient Lighting<br /> </h2><p>This is your general lighting. It will be the main light you switch on as you enter a room. In a functional area like a kitchen, it will generally be a bright central light source. Functionality does not mean a compromise in style however. There are many beautiful options for upgrading your ambient kitchen lighting. You can choose a light fitting that reflects your personal style and aids the overall atmosphere you would like to create. <br /> </p><h2>Task Lighting<br /> </h2><p>Task lighting for a kitchen helps to provide focused light where you need it most. It can include under counter lights that aid food prep or brighter lights over a seating area. When planning a kitchen lighting upgrade consider all the ways you wish to use your space. This will help to decide where task lighting will be most appropriate.</p><h2>Accent Lighting<br /> </h2><p>Accent lighting highlights features in your kitchen. They are important in lighting design as they help create mood and ambience. Accent lighting can be bright and focused, perhaps a spotlight on an architectural feature you wish to draw attention to. It can also be diffuse, such as decorative lighting found on the tops of cabinets.<br /><br />JP Electrical are fully qualified and NICEIC registered electricians. We have many years of experience in kitchen lighting upgrades and our friendly, professional electricians can help you to bring your vision to life. If you are looking for a reliable, local electrician in Marsden, Huddersfield <a href="tel:01484212091">call JP Electrical</a> today.</p><p><p></p></p> Tue, 30 Aug 22 10:42:12 +0100 James ca600d55-52b0-40fe-a4f1-4d1ee63b2b3c Electrician In Huddersfield <p>Highly experienced and specialising in all aspects of domestic and commercial work including installations, repairs and testing. Whenever you need a reliable and trustworthy electrician in Huddersfield, be sure to call JP Electrical.</p><h2>Highly Rated Electrician in Huddersfield</h2><p>It has never been easier for a customer to gain a recommendation when they are looking for a reliable electrician. Review sites such as Checkatrade and Google reviews ensure customers can see exactly how other customers rate an electrician and make it easier to sort the good from the bad. At JP Electrical we work hard to provide excellent service and go above and beyond to keep our customers satisfied. We consistently receive the very highest review scores from our customers. We are proud to hold 5-star rating on Google reviews and to be rated 10/10 on Checkatrade.</p><h2>Fully Qualified and Registered Electrician in Huddersfield</h2><p>You should always ensure the electrician you select is fully qualified, insured and registered with either NICEIC or NAPIT. These are the industries Government approved bodies. They rigorously assess an electrician’s competence and guarantee their compliance with all current regulations. An electrician who does not hold approved status could leave you at risk of electrical fire or shock and they are unlikely to have safe working practices or proper training. Why leave your home or business at risk? <br />JP Electrical are proud to be NICEIC approved contractors and feature on the Government-endorsed Competent Person Register, meaning all our work complies with building regulations. We are also backed by the NICEIC Platinum Promise, covering us for up to £2,000,000 public liability insurance.  You can have complete peace of mind that when you hire us, we will be working to the very highest standards and with your safety in mind.</p><h2>Our Services</h2><p>Our highly trained and experienced electricians offer a full range of services to both domestic and commercial customers in the Huddersfield area.<br />Some of our services include:<br />• Complete Rewires<br />• EV Charging<br />• Fault Finding<br />• Electrical Testing including EICR<br />• Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation<br />• Landlord Electrical Service</p><p>This is just a sample of the electrical work our team of experienced electricians can undertake. Our Friendly and professional Huddersfield electricians are always happy to discuss your electrical needs. Whether your project is large or small, JP Electrical can help with it all. <a href="/contact">Contact us today.</a></p><p> </p> Sat, 30 Jul 22 14:55:10 +0100 James c3529c33-67ae-4630-bfb0-c3adcd1e3848 Electrical Installation in Outbuildings <p>Having electricity in your summerhouse, shed or garage can unlock it’s full potential, allowing you to convert it into an office, workshop or studio space. You can even add a fully equipped home bar to your garden with the proper electrical installation! Perfect for entertaining on summer evenings. If you are looking for an electrical installation in an outbuilding in Marsden, Huddersfield then JP Electrical are your local, reliable and fully qualified garden electricians.</p><h2>Planning your Outbuilding Electrical Installation</h2><p>The first step in planning any electrical installation in an outbuilding is to ascertain whether your outbuilding is durable enough to withstand the elements. A reputable electrician will only perform an electrical installation if it is safe to do so. Your electrical supply needs to be properly protected form the stresses and strain of wind, rain and changes in temperature. If your outbuilding shows any signs of leakage or damage this will need to be repaired before the electrical work can commence.<br /> </p><p>Your next step is to consider exactly what the structure will be used for so that the electrical design suits your needs. Think about where any furniture and machinery will be placed. This will ensure that your sockets and switches don’t end up hidden behind a sofa or in the wrong location for your appliances. Do let your electrician know if you plan on using any machinery with high power demands. That will allow them to use the appropriate circuitry for your specific needs.<br /> </p><p>Finally, you will need to decide where you would like your electrical supply cable placed. The cable for your outbuildings electrical supply can be laid either underground or overground. Underground cabling is the most common choice as it is hidden from view. It is worth remembering that this will involve a trench being dug in your garden so there will be some potential disruption to your garden planting scheme. Your electrician will talk you through the pros and cons of each option before you proceed.</p><h2>Who can Install Power to an Outbuilding?</h2><p>As we have already mentioned, your outbuilding’s electrical installation will potentially be exposed to the elements in a way an internal power supply is not. It is vital that you choose a reputable, fully qualified and registered electrician who is experienced in managing the demands of an outdoor power supply and will keep you and your home safe. Choosing an electrician who is registered with NICEIC assures you of the quality of their work and means they will adhere to the Part P Electrical Safety Regulations, giving you additional peace of mind. Always check your electrician’s credentials and ask them about their experience. You can also find out what their previous customers thought by checking the reviews on a site such as Checkatrade. <br /> </p><p>JP Electrical are your friendly, reliable Marsden, Huddersfield electricians. We are fully qualified and NICEIC accredited. Our customer reviews speak for themselves – we have a 5-star Google review rating and score 10 out of 10 on Checkatrade. With years of experience, we can help with all aspects of outdoor electrical work. If you are looking to have an electrical installation in an outbuilding, <a href="tel:01484212091">call us today.</a></p><p> </p> Sat, 30 Jul 22 14:37:53 +0100 James 5f400107-717e-4a27-aa54-3295c455c542 EICR Electrical Report Electrician <p>It can be carried out on behalf of a homeowner, landlord or business owner. It entails thorough testing of a property’s electrical system and the completion of a detailed report. If you are looking for a qualified electrical report electrician in Huddersfield, then JP Electrical are here to help. We are a NICEIC approved, experienced and highly skilled team who are ready to lend our expertise to ensure the safety of you and your property.</p> <p> </p> <h2>When Do I Need an EICR?</h2> <p><br /> An EICR is an essential tool in the safe maintenance of a property. As most of your electrical system is hidden away from view it can be hard to see the wear and tear that takes place over time. It is recommended that a private home has an electrical report electrician inspect their property every 10 years. For business owners this recommendation is reduced to 5 years. Landlords must also have an EIRC performed every 5 years and at every change of tenancy. This is a legal requirement and there are hefty fines for failure to comply.</p> <p> </p> <h2>What does an EICR entail?</h2> <p><br /> During the EICR, your electrical report electrician will be looking carefully at all the circuits, power outlets, switches and wiring in your property. They will identify any faults, damage or defects and deterioration within the electrical system. If they discover any potential hazards or wear, they will note these on your EIRC. Based on the severity of the issue they will assign them a classification code using a standardised system:</p> <p><br /> •    Code 1 (C1): Danger Present. Risk of Injury. C1 hazards represent a potential risk to life and require immediate attention. Your electrician may need to make them safe before they can leave your property.<br /> •    Code 2 (C2): Potentially Dangerous. This may be accompanied by a note for Further Investigation. This will require urgent attention.<br /> •    Code 3 (C3): Improvement Recommended. Although work is not required for a satisfactory report, it is recommended that it is carried out as it could become an issue later.</p> <p> </p> <h2>How long will an EICR take?</h2> <p><br /> This will depend on several factors. For the average property you should expect the electrical report electrician to be there for around 4 hours. If you have a larger property or an older electrical system, then it will likely take longer. Your electrician will give you an indication of the likely duration during your initial discussion.</p> <p> </p> <p>If you have any queries or questions regarding an EIRC please contact JP Electrical today on <a data-dtype="d3ph" data-local-attribute="d3ph" data-ved="2ahUKEwjOsIXR-9T4AhV5REEAHWcOD4oQkAgoAHoECGYQAw" href=";oq=&amp;aqs=chrome.1.69i59i450l8.882151850j0j15&amp;sourceid=chrome&amp;ie=UTF-8#" jsaction="rcuQ6b:npT2md;F75qrd" jscontroller="LWZElb" jsdata="QKGTRc;_;BQw6Oo">01484 212091</a>. Our fully qualified and experienced Huddersfield based team of electrical report electricians are here to keep you and your property safe.</p> Thu, 30 Jun 22 11:22:19 +0100 James 86efe3e7-2b5c-4b49-92f0-82e51ff48c60 Electric Fuse Board Upgrade <p>If you need an electric fuse board upgrade, then it is vital you find an electrician who takes your safety seriously. They must be suitably qualified and registered to perform a fuse board upgrade and comply with the current regulations. JP Electrical are your Huddersfield based qualified, experienced and fully accredited fuse board electricians.</p> <h2>Why do I need an Electric Fuse Board Upgrade?</h2> <p><br /> There are several reasons to perform an electric fuse board upgrade. The most common is the age of the existing fuse board. If your property has an older style fuse board featuring fuses which melt in a trip event, then it is likely to need an upgrade to a modern consumer unit. Consumer units are safer than a fuse box, comply with all current building regulations and are much easier to use. You will also need to consider if your existing fuse board meets current legislation and safety standards. Is the current location of your fuse board easily accessible in the event of an electrical emergency? Is your supply cabling and safety earthing sufficient to protect you? Your electrician will be able to advise and guide you if you are unsure.  </p> <p> </p> <h2>Existing Consumer Unit Upgrade</h2> <p><br /> If you already have a consumer unit then you may be looking to upgrade to one that is better able to meet the demands your household places upon it. Your fuse board electrician will ask a series of questions to determine whether an upgrade is necessary and which type of consumer unit is most appropriate. To discover your electric needs, both current and long term they may ask:</p> <p><br /> •    What are your long-term plans for your home? <br /> •    Will you be installing a new kitchen and what appliances will it feature?<br /> •    Are you planning an extension or garden office?<br /> •    Do you need an EV charger point?<br /> •    Are you planning on upgrading to a more energy efficient heating system such as a heat pump?</p> <p><br /> Your answers will help your electrician to determine if your system needs to include capacity for more demanding appliances in the future. They will then give you their qualified advice on which type of consumer unit would be best for you and your needs. For example, they may recommend a consumer unit that has individual circuit protection, an RCBO, that allows the rest of your property to continue to receive power when one circuit trips. These also make it far easier to identify the origin of a fault and work particularly well in a home with multiple and complex electrical demands.</p> <p> </p> <h2>What will happen during my fuse board upgrade?</h2> <p><br /> When your electrician performs your electric fuse board upgrade, they do more than just install your new consumer unit. They will be checking your earth bonding and cabling and upgrading as necessary. They will be identifying each individual circuit and assigning it to a miniature circuit breaker, creating a clear chart for future use. Your electrician will carry out full function testing and ensure the installation is compliant with Part P regulations. They will submit notification to your local council building control office and will provide you with a NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate. After the installation they will ensure you understand how your new consumer unit works.  </p> <p> </p> <p>If you are looking for a competent and trustworthy electrician to perform an electric fuse board upgrade in the Huddersfield area, then please contact JP Electrical on <a data-dtype="d3ph" data-local-attribute="d3ph" data-ved="2ahUKEwjHyoTk-NT4AhXTgVwKHVxPBUEQkAgoAHoECGwQAw" href=";oq=&amp;aqs=chrome.1.69i59i450l8.881386397j0j15&amp;sourceid=chrome&amp;ie=UTF-8#" jsaction="rcuQ6b:npT2md;F75qrd" jscontroller="LWZElb" jsdata="QKGTRc;_;AsQ4wQ">01484 212091</a>. We are fully qualified, NICEIC registered and highly experienced in fuse board and consumer unit upgrades. </p> Thu, 30 Jun 22 11:05:52 +0100 James bd209fbb-d083-4bf6-8486-73ab6d613512 Getting Your Home Rewired: All You Need To Know <p>If you're a homeowner, keep your wiring updated to prevent problems in your duty. Not updating might also affect your house insurance since many providers will charge a higher rate or reject coverage.</p> <p>Things to look out when rewiring your home:</p> <h2>Wiring</h2> <p>Your system will display a few of these symptoms in case of faulty wiring. Dim or flickering lights and fuse blowouts are signs.Touching a wall, appliance, or switch might provide a tingling feeling, indicating electricity. Burning smells may also provide you with a signal. Most users miss these indicators, causing worse issues. So have an expert inspect your house to make sure everything is functioning. Ask electricians for advice. You may contact our specialist for guidance in these matters.You should upgrade the wiring if your home is over 45 years old.</p> <h2>Old wiring is dangerous</h2> <p>Old wiring causes house fires. The tiniest error in electrical wiring may cause significant calamities. Faulty wiring is the leading cause of home fires.<br /> Houses constructed in the 1970s, 1980s, or earlier often use aluminium wiring, whereas today's homes utilise copper. Aluminium cables aren't long-term reliable, unlike copper.Passage of time loosens aluminium. This causes wire and connection gaps. These holes permit electricity into plugs and outlets. Openings may also cause overheating and fire.</p> <h2>Considerations to make before rewiring</h2> <p>Upgrading or replacing your electrical wiring isn't easy. A few things must be done correctly. It's simpler in a new or vacant home.</p> <p>Remember these things:</p> <h2>A Permit</h2> <p>Homeowners can't perform electrical repairs. First, they must request alterations from the local building department. If allowed, the authority will check the process.<br /> They may help you make plan revisions.</p> <h2>Plan It</h2> <p>Changing your home's wiring takes time. Before starting, plan. Please don't do it yourself unless you're an expert. Ask a pro for help. You may get a second opinion for your home's safety.<br /> Because you don't utilise electrical services daily, list everything you wish to update or add and do it at once.</p> <h2>Checking on Wall Conditions</h2> <p>After making a plan, start working. To remove outdated wiring, you must first reach the wires, which is simple if you recently acquired the property and haven't painted it yet. The walls will have holes if you do that in a well-lived home.<br /> If you recently acquired the home, you may update the cables and repair and paint the walls.</p> <h2>Alter the outlets</h2> <p>As we all know, the wires are sent to the outlets, and the outlets then transmit it to the sockets we plugin. If you remove the wire, you must also remove sockets. Some outlets may be reused. New, sophisticated sockets are better. This improves the performance of your appliances.</p> <h2>Replace Cables</h2> <p>New wires can't be put where old cables were without damaging the walls. Consider where to place the new cables. Wires are usually routed through your attic or crawl area and stapled.</p> <h2>New hole-drilling</h2> <p>After determining where to run the new cables, drill holes. Before you move in or decorate, make these adjustments. It will destroy your painted walls and generate a lot of noise, which isn't suitable for occupants.</p> <h2>Electrical Equipment Replacement</h2> <p>Because electrical wiring is seldom repaired, replacing outdated equipment is advisable. Old panels don't always support modern appliances. You can't plug them in.<br /> Backdated outlets may overheat without suitable insulators, causing a fire. So replace them.</p> <h2>Concluding Remarks</h2> <p>Electrical repairs are complex and time-consuming. Therefore many people avoid them. Nothing is trivial when it comes to family protection. This article should make rewiring simpler.</p> <p>Contact JP Electrical today on <a href="tel:01484212091">01484 212091</a></p> Thu, 30 Jun 22 09:42:20 +0100 James a3dd1377-a63e-4feb-84cf-41f7032d5f19 Top tips to save electric bills during the energy crisis <p>The goal is to safeguard consumers from large price increases while also reflecting changes in wholesale energy costs. The price cap increased by 54% in April, from £693 to an average of £1,971 per year. The energy regulator tells consumers to expect another big increase when the ceiling is reviewed again in the summer.</p> <p>This isn't a limit on the amount you pay; rather, it limits the unit rates and standing costs. These costs vary based on where you reside, and you will pay more if you consume more energy.</p> <h2>Top tips to save electric bills during the energy crisis:</h2> <p>Below are some of the tips to save on electric bills during the energy crisis,</p> <h2>Examine your energy bill for opportunities to save money:</h2> <p>In recent months, cheap energy packages have vanished, so now is not the best time for most individuals to switch energy providers. You'll probably be paying out-of-contract prices if you haven't switched suppliers or tariffs recently or if you were relocated to a new provider after your old one closed.</p> <p>These haven't always been fantastic deals, but they're now among the most affordable options, so it's worth sticking with them for the time being. Fixing a deal does come with a price guarantee for a certain length of time, but you'll have to pay a premium.</p> <h2>Turn off all lights and appliances:</h2> <p>Switching lights off is arguably the most obvious energy-saving technique, but it may make a difference in your energy consumption. At night, we consume a lot of power to light up our houses. However, energy-saving lightbulbs such as LEDs are significantly more efficient than incandescent lights. They are easily available, inexpensive, and will help you save money.</p> <h2>Reduce energy consumption:</h2> <p>If you regularly wash your clothing at a high temperature, set your washing machine to 30°C to save money on your utility costs. Another way to save money is to minimise the number of washing machine cycles you run.</p> <p>While this may not be a significant sum of money, these energy savings build up. Be sure they're energy-efficient when it's time to replace your white goods. Although the initial investment is larger, it will save you — and the environment — in the long term.</p> <h2>Reduce the heat in your home:</h2> <p>Heating your home is costly. So, if you can live with a slightly cooler home and instead layer up, you might save a lot of money on your energy bills.</p> <h2>Purchase a smart thermostat:</h2> <p>A smart thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature in your house and determine how much energy your central heating is consuming. A timer may ensure that the heating comes on when you want it to. You can manage your heater remotely by setting the temperature from your phone, which is very useful if you forget to turn it off while you're gone.</p> <p>For getting the best electrical services, contact <a href="">JP Electrical</a>!</p> Tue, 07 Jun 22 10:06:22 +0100 James e1e68b62-f74f-4ec6-905f-9f43645856be